LicenceOne Features

A modern toolbox to automatically detect new software spend in your company, whom it is associated with, how long you’re engaged in a contract for

Automatically detect every piece of software used in your company

Gone are the days of useless Excel files and random subscriptions that are still paid for who knows what. LicenceOne checks your bank accounts daily to make sure no pesky business is happening without your permission.

LicenceOne renewal notification via email

Avoid nasty surprises with renewal date detection and notifications

Nobody can remember hundreds of dates, so neither should you. Each time we detect software, we will also suggest an expected renewal date. Once that date comes near we’ll make sure you know before it’s too late.

Make budgeting between departments a breeze

No need to wait until the end of the month to calculate where software budget has gone. Get a live and up-to-date overview of the budget allocation in your LicenceOne dashboard.

Synchronise with all of your payment methods

With over 200 supported banking institutions across France, Germany, Spain and the UK supported; as well as PayPal and Lydia, there’s nowhere for software payments to hide. However you pay for software, we’ll find it.

Drill deep down into your software spend

Behind every software subscription is a story. Within a two clicks, LicenceOne gives you access to your payment history, next payment date, billing cycles, and the total lifetime cost for each and every software.

Take back the control of your software

Manage spend, track users, and avoid surprise renewals in a matter of minutes