Stop software renewing automatically.

Take control of your company software subscriptions and avoid being tied into another contract you didn’t ask for

Connect your bank

Connect all of your company cards with LicenceOne to begin the search for software subscriptions

Let the analysis begin

We’ll check your transactions for signs of software spend and show it all in your dashboard to begin analysis

Control your spend

Let LicenceOne monitor the changes in your software subscriptions and their renewal dates for you

You pay for too
many subscriptions.

The amount of software now used by small businesses is unprecedented. Although teams have more freedom to choose software for themselves, we haven’t found a way to manage it.

LicenceOne gives you visibility into what your team uses and suggests where you can optimise.

You're tied into
too many contracts.

Software is getting more expensive by the minute. The big problem now is that it only takes one forgotten date and you’re engaged in another contract for 12 more months.

LicenceOne will map out all of your renewal dates and send notifications beforehand to avoid any nasty surprises.

You're paying for
unused software.

Unfortunately lots of software doesn’t translate of lots of usage. People leave, teams use different softwares that do the same thing, or you pay monthly when you could save annually.

Whatever it is, LicenceOne will suggest where features overlap and you can save money by switching.

Victor Douek

COO - Sellsy

LicenceOne helped us identify and switch our monthly software subscriptions to annual billing and save us €12,000 a year. I can't recommend them enough.

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