CFOs use LicenceOne to optimize their software expenses

Find out how high performing finance managers save up to 30% on their annual software budgets by implementing LicenceOne

How much does your company really spend on its software subscriptions?

SaaS management is one of the small, yet impactful missions of a CFO. But keeping up-to-date with costs and is far from simple.
An illustration of a woman holding a contract
Teams are given the responsibility of allocating their own software budget
Employees stop using apps without cancelling their subscriptions, but there's no way to get alerted when it happens
Only collecting invoices from your team makes it painful to track commitment periods and pricing evolutions
Many small subscriptions pass under the radar until the end of the year, when the total cost is summed up
"It’s not a priority" (we’ve all heard or uttered it)
Internal subscription reports rely on outdated spreadsheets, virtual cards, or invoices

LicenceOne has it all in one place
Without the hassle

Always up-to-date SaaS spend
LicenceOne automatically detects all the business apps your company pays for, as well as the billing cycle and payments you’ve made.
User activity for each app
It’s useless paying for something that isn’t used. With LicenceOne, receive alerts as soon as an app goes unused and start saving money
Renewal date tracking
Subscriptions often come with automatic renewals and engagement periods. Get visibility and an additional notification to avoid missing it.
People in charge
You can attribute a software to a team and an employee. Share visibility and get managers to adjust their subscriptions by themselves.
User access control
Be it for onboarding or offboarding, your team can easily create or remove the access of any user.
Reinforced security
We are always searching for new information, ways to better ourselves, and ways to challenge our current thinking. LicenceOne is not the place for people who are happy with complacency.

Implementation couldn’t be easier

Day 1
Create your LicenceOne Account
In less than 15 minutes, connect your bank accounts, Google workspace, Lydia… and let us analyse the data.
Week 1
Invite the managers
Let them recognize which software their department is in charge of. They’ll be able to add any missing information manually.
Month 1
Get the extension
The more employees use our extension, the more accurate your data will be. It’s not necessary, but much more powerful.

You’re all set. And it took less than a month.