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Only pay for the SaaS that you use

There are hundreds of good reasons to stop using an app. To keep paying for it doesn't make the list
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Detectable apps
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Compare software usage to their actual cost
LicenceOne tracks user logins across all your SaaS. Finally, you've got a clear view of the use of both paid and free apps per user.

Now that's some illuminating data for deciding whether to keep a subscription or not.
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Two-click Google Workspace integration
LicenceOne's native integration with Google Workspace (that's Gmail for businesses) logs each employee login via Google Sign On.

Access the full history right from your first connection!
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Web extension for complete visibility
Once installed, the LicenceOne browser extension detects when a user logs into an app.

We've clocked up over 23,000 URLs for different SaaS. One of - if not the - most reliable option on the market!
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Streamline your company's SaaS usage
You're able to pinpoint the solutions that are no longer in use. For user-based subscriptions, keep access limited to just what's needed.

And finally, target duplicate software to optimize the number of apps, and therefore their cost.
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Why track SaaS usage?
No more duplicate licenses!
The first savings: avoid paying twice for the same thing. LicenceOne helps every manager optimizing their tech stack.
Say goodbye to unused apps!
Sure, you have to create an account to use an app. But there's no rule about unsubscribing when you stop using it. LicenceOne backs you up.
Manage user access and roles
Your SaaS Management policy can kick in once responsibilities are identified and assigned. We made this effort so you don't have to.
Data security and compliance
Who has access to what data? Got any unused software holding sensitive data? LicenceOne has the answer to these burning questions.
Map out employees' SaaS usage
Which users are using which software? And how often? Rationalize usage through Google Workspace integration or the LicenceOne browser extension.
Automatic payment detection
No matter where you bank or what software you use to manage your expenses, LicenceOne detects each and every payment you’ve ever made for your software subscriptions
Browser extension
Detect the apps that users have access to, if they use them, and get alerted once they stop using their subscription
Embedded analytics
Get detailed insights into what you're paying for, forecast future spend, and much more
Smart notifications
Your team will be in the loop with smart notifications whenever their attention is needed - be it a renewal, money saving opportunity, or otherwise

Software management made to be loved

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“LicenceOne helped us identify and switch our monthly software subscriptions to annual billing and saves us €12,000 a year. I can't recommend them enough.”
Victor Douek
CEO at Sellsy
“LicenceOne is a beautifully simple yet powerful tool for optimising our SaaS spend. Everything is updated automatically and I receive email alerts any time something needs my attention.”
Romain Gauthier
CEO and Cofounder at Didomi
“As a fast-growing agency we test new tools often. We estimated that we used around 20 apps, but LicenceOne detected over double that! Without them, it'd be impossible to stay in control.”
Arthur Lambert
Cofounder at
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