Security is everything

Find out how LicenceOne assures the security of your data. After all, just because we’re a startup doesn’t mean we’re allowed to cut corners.
Encrypt everything.
In transit, and at rest
Your connection is always encrypted with TLS 1.3, and any data we store is encrypted with the aes-xts encryption algorithm. So even if the worst does happen, your data will always be protected.
Accredited banking
Our European banking integration is accredited by the Banque de France, and our USA integration is ISO 27001, ISO 27701 and SOC 2 certified. In short: there’s no messing around when it comes to our bank integrations.
OWASP secure coding
If LicenceOne had a religion, it’s bible would be the secure coding practices published by the OWASP foundation. Revisiting it often not only reminds us of the basics, but makes sure that we’re not making any unconcious mistakes.
European hosting,
European headquarters
If there’s one region that doesn’t mess around when it comes to data protection laws, it’s Europe. And being European means that if LicenceOne ever steps a foot out of line, we’ll soon have legal (and probably financial) problems.
We sign an NDA with each and every user
When users agree to our Terms and Conditions, they will legally engage LicenceOne to keep all of their information confidential (section 1g, if you’re looking). Oh, and we can’t just change our T&Cs without letting you know about it.
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Software management made for teams

I manage finance
LicenceOne can save your company up to 30% on their annual spend, and give you back the control on your spend.
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I manage a team
Save time on collecting invoices and other boring tasks where you don’t add value, and get more money back in your budget.
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I manage legal
Map out your data subprocessors and stop employees sharing sensitive information without the legal assurances you need.
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We collect the bare minimum needed
As soon as our algorithm judges that a bank transaction isn’t related to software, that’s the last time it’ll ever be in LicenceOne. We never store unrelated transactions, nor do we use them to improve mysterious AI algorithms.
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Regular backups to prepare for the worst
LicenceOne performs daily backups, keeps them for seven days, then automatically deletes them. So no worries - if for some reason our servers are destroyed, your data won’t be.
Responsible disclosure policy for if we miss something
We’re not naive enough to pretend to know every obscure security loophole in existance. Luckily white hat hackers do though, so we built policies to help them report vulnerabilities as quickly, safely and securely as possible.
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