Making software management stupidly simple

We love️ online apps

Nowadays, we're all avid users of online software. They’re so awesome that it’s hard not to be. But a lot still needs to be ironed out.
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They renew automatically whether we use them or not
Nobody knows how often employees are using them
It takes an eternity to create all the accounts for a new employee
Employees can leave and still keep their access for months afterwards;
Prices can increase each year and we're not aware of it
We have 100s of invoices to collect each month
It's impossible to track what country data is stored in
Employees can use apps and store data somewhere without us being aware

That's why we're on a mission to make managing software stupidly simple.

Based out of La Rochelle in France since 2020, we've helped hundreds of SMEs across Europe change how they manage their software forever.
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The leadership team

Johnathan "Omphalo" Bell
Emilien "Skape" Potin
Rémy "Mouklade" Neuter
Head of Engineering
Gabriel "Gab2k" Gaume
Web developer

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Our values

Egos are for losers
Nobody cares where you worked before, if you went to the world's best university, or if you’re always right. We prefer people that are willing to fail, are open to other opinions, and don't have a superiority complex.
Winners fail
Let's face it, we all mess up. If you don't, you're not trying enough new things and pushing the envelope hard enough. When we do fail, we admit it, we share, we learn, we sometimes laugh, and we move on.
We’re conscientious
When we take on something we give it all of our energy and effort. That doesn't mean that we don't build tests and prototypes, but when we do something, we try to do it to our best ability.
Simplicity first
At LicenceOne, we're quite literally obsessed with making the complex simple and not the other way around. And if there's ever a doubt, we always choose simplicity over functionality. Simple.
Transparency and trust
The only way this thing will work is if we share as much as possible with our team, and trust the work that they do. No question is ever off-limits here, and no information is for executives only.
Constant improvement
We are always searching for new information, ways to better ourselves, and ways to challenge our current thinking. LicenceOne is not the place for people who are happy with complacency.
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