When Managers stop wasting time collecting invoices for software subscriptions

Stop searching for the info, let it come to you. Avoid any SaaS renewal falling through the cracks! Save your precious energy by implementing LicenceOne

Everyone in your team uses an app. But only you need to gather the info

As a manager, keeping track of budget, paperwork, and payment isn’t where you add value. Still, every other week comes the same type of demand from the admin team:
An illustration of a woman holding a contract
"Can you send the invoice for the monthly payment of this app?"
"Where are the contractual commitments with the SaaS providers?"
"Could you update how much your team spent on SaaS for Q2?
"How does the SaaS spending compare to the allocated or projected costs?"
"It’s not a priority" (we’ve all heard or uttered it)
"How many users have access to this online tool?"
Managing a team, you already know how collaboration is key to avoid wasting time. This is where LicenceOne plays its role. And free up some of your precious time.

No update needed from anyone. LicenceOne
tracks software spendings so you don't have to.

Always up-to-date SaaS spend
LicenceOne automatically detects all the business apps your company pays for. Tick a box to indicate this one is used in your team, and you're done.
User activity for each app
Is everybody in the team actually using the software that is paid with your budget? LicenceOne tells you who logged in and since when. Start paying only for what is necessary.
Up-to-date info for the admin team
Software can be attributed to a team and an employee. The admin view gives access to detailed information, including spending evolution.
Contract renewal dates tracking
The subscription model often comes with an automatic renewal. Get visibility and an additional notification to avoid missing it. The slack integration is a plus!
User access control
Somebody new hired in your team? Let's give them access to the tools they need. Someone leaving the company? Remove their access in a click.
Enforced security (IT will ask for it)
We are always searching for new information, ways to better ourselves, and ways to challenge our current thinking. LicenceOne is not the place for people who are happy with complacency.

You can start a trial today. It works even better when the Finance team is on board.

Day 1
Create your LicenceOne Account
In less than 15 minutes, connect your bank accounts, Google workspace, Paypal… and let us analyse the data.
Week 1
Invite your colleagues
Let them recognize which software they are in charge of. They’ll be able to add any missing information manually.
Month 1
Get the extension
The more employees use our extension, the more accurate your data will be. It’s not necessary, but much more powerful.

You’re all set. And it took less than a month.