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Free SaaS Tracker Spreadsheet

Keep track of software spend across your company, and anticipate every licence renewal
Computer with screen displaying a SaaS Management Platform dashboard
Step 1
Add all of your SaaS in a click
First step is to add your SaaS subscriptions and their expenses into your tracking template.

Click on the "Add a new row" or “+New” button to begin adding them alll.
Screenshot App tracker Notion templateScreenshot App listing of LicenceOne SaaS tracker template
Screenshot App listing of LicenceOne SaaS tracker templateScreenshot App listing of LicenceOne SaaS tracker template
Step 2
Monitor subscriptions renewal dates
Ask your application managers to update all of their contract renewal dates.

After they’ve done so, you’ll be able to avoid being re-engaged in a contract that you might have otherwise forgot about 🙌
step 3
Analyze and take action
Your SaaS tracker should now be full of useful insights; such as your spend per team, most costly apps, and much more!

Consult the analytics sections to monitor your budget and start optimizing your SaaS expenses.
Screenshot Graph of LicenceOne SaaS tracker template

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