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Getting started with LicenceOne is as easy as 1, 2, 3
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Step 1.
Tell us where to look
Synchronise with your company's Google Workspace, bank account, PayPal or Lydia accounts
Step 2.
We get to work
We analyse the data to related to software to detect users, login activity, renewal dates, billing cycles
Step 3.
Hey presto!
Your dashboard is ready. Update it with any missing or extra information you'd like to keep track of.

Synchronise with more than 12 000 data sources

You can’t optimise what you can’t control. LicenceOne puts you back in the driving seat to prevent automatic renewals, zombie subscriptions, inactive users, and unadapted billing cycles eating up your budget.

Add and remove users
in a flash

LicenceOne helps you build and implement user management processes with ease. Now when someone joins or leaves the company, their software access can be setup in a matter of a few clicks.

Collect invoices up to 3 times faster

It’s unavoidable: monthly subscriptions means monthly invoice collection. With LicenceOne, keep your accountant happy and get all of your invoices in no time with our autopilot invoice collector.
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Track data compliance like never before

Hundreds of software means hundreds of potential datacenters, sub-processors, and security vulnerabilities. With LicenceOne, track every last detail and monitor the chain of command to avoid surprises.
Screenshot of LicenceOne, the #1 SaaS Management softwareScreenshot of the feature allowing to manage access to LicenceOne, SaaS Management solution

Software management made for teams

I manage finance
LicenceOne can save your company up to 30% on their annual spend, and give you back the control on your spend.
See how CFO's use LicenceOne
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I manage a team
Save time on collecting invoices and other boring tasks where you don’t add value, and get more money back in your budget.
See how Managers use LicenceOne
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I manage legal
Map out your data subprocessors and stop employees sharing sensitive information without the legal assurances you need.
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Your data isn’t our business model
They say that if the product is free, you are the product. Well, LicenceOne’s not free and we’ve included an NDA in our Terms to keep us honest. What’s more, we'll always be based in the European Union - which doesn't take kindly to dodgy data practices.
If you have software,
LicenceOne will find it
With more than 11 000 possible data sources and more than 20 000 software that can be identified by our detection database, there’s virtually nowhere for software to hide.
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Software management made to be loved

“LicenceOne helped us identify and switch our monthly software subscriptions to annual billing and saves us €12,000 a year. I can't recommend them enough.”
Victor Douek
CEO at Sellsy
“LicenceOne is a beautifully simple yet powerful tool for optimising our SaaS spend. Everything is updated automatically and I receive email alerts any time something needs my attention.”
Romain Gauthier
CEO and Cofounder at Didomi
“As a fast-growing agency we test new tools often. We estimated that we used around 20 apps, but LicenceOne detected over double that! Without them, it'd be impossible to stay in control.”
Arthur Lambert
Cofounder at
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