About us

Come meet the three idiots that thought building a startup instead of having a normal career would pay the bills

Photograph of the three licenceone co-founders - Johnathan Bell, Emilien Potin, and Jonas Couffignal
Johnathan Bell
Chief Operating Officer
Emilien Potin
Chief Technical Officer
Jonas Couffignal
Chief Marketing Officer


Make managing software subscriptions easy, uncomplicated and accessible to everyone.

Getting up to speed with what software you pay for, how often and when it renews shouldn’t take time. What’s more, it should always be up to date without you having to put in work.


We believe that you shouldn’t have to learn industry jargon – it’s our job to worry about what it means for you. So here it is, the only time you’ll ever see text from us that mentions SaaS, ITAM or Shadow IT.


Only the largest of companies can justify spending hundreds per month to track software. We’re changing that. Now normal companies can get access to what they need for a price they can afford.

Take back the control of your software

Manage spend, track users, and avoid surprise renewals in a matter of minutes