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Your data will never be sold to third parties

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Synchronise your bank accounts for live updates on software changes​

Identify over 20,000 different software applications

Automatic renewal date detection and re-engagement reminders​

Software spend dashboard with team budgeting

Qonto & PayPal integrations

In-app support in English and French​


You sound like our investors.

OK OK, so eventually we’ll likely switch to some sort “freemium” offer or monthly subscription fee.

At the moment though, our focus is generating as much user feedback to make the most awesome product out there. That’s why we’re free.

We guess our opinion on this doesn’t mean much, but we can list just some of the things we do to assure your data is secure.
  • We work excusively with Europe’s leading banking integration service to analyse your bank data, Perspecteev, who are PSD2 certified in France, the UK, Spain, Netherlands and Germany (More info)
  • We only recuperate the bank transactions that we identify as being software subscriptions; nothing more
  • We enter into a non-disclosure agreement with you to protect your confidential information when you agree to our Terms of Service (article 1(g))
  • Our software is hosted with OVH Cloud in France; who are ISO 27001 and SOC2 certified, amongst others (More info)

We plan on publishing a full list soon.

It’s safe to assume that if you have a French bank account, we will be able to synchronise your data.

If you’re in the UK, Spain, or Germany, there’s a strong chance we’ll support your bank too.

Haven’t you ever noticed that loaves of bread are always cut into an odd number of slices so you always need to buy another?

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